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How To Get The Most From Your Pets Supplements?

Posted on June 14 2019


EXCITING NEWS!! If you are reading this now, then your furbabies supplements have probably arrived by now! Here are a few tips to get your furry ones to gobble up their tasty goodies:

Chewable TabletsChewable Tablets: Most pets will eat these wholes once they have gotten used to them. But some are slightly larger in size, such as our Triple Strength Glucosamine. You will find that these have a Quad-Line break, to easily break them up. However, if they still won't eat them after breaking them up you can either:

  • Crush them up and sprinkle onto their food
  • Break them in half quite easily
  • Hide them in a pill pocket
  • Wrap a little piece of meat around them
  • Hide them in some cheese
  • Coat them in doggie-friendly peanut butter

SoftgelsSoftgels: It can take some time for them to get used to the gel capsule. But once they get a taste for the golden goodness inside, they will soon learn to gobble them up! Some pets may play around with them for a while until they taste the oil inside. If they still won't eat them whole as a treat, then you can carefully snip off the end, and squeeze it onto their food.

PowderPowder: Firstly, sometimes the little scoop can get lost in the powder during transportation. But don't worry, it will be there! You just have to have a little look around for it. The powder is super easy to give to your pet. Just simply sprinkle the desired amount onto their wet or dry food. It's virtually undetectable, so they should just gobble it up with no problems. Some pets will even eat the powder out of the bowl on its own it tastes so good!

Most importantly... Give it time! As with any new supplements for your furry friend, it will take some time for them & their bodies to adjust to them. So be patient, and allow 4-6 weeks to notice a significant change in them.

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