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Furever Friendz Pet Supplies: Hip and Joint for Dogs Supplement

It all started with Brandy…

We started up Furever Friendz back in early 2015. We started it up as a result of us desperately trying to help out our own furbaby, Brandy. She is our 10 year old German Shepherd, and when she was around 7 years old, her back legs started to give her trouble… We tried many things over the years to try and help her get better – You name it, we had tried it! Various pain relief medicines, hydrotherapy and an endless list of other supplements on the market. But nothing seemed to work.

That’s when we decided to try one last thing… After months of research, we got in contact with a USA manufacturer, and decided to work together. We wanted to try and create the best possible supplement for her, as one last attempt to try and help.  After months of tweaking the ingredients to get the right balance and tasty flavour, we finally created our Hip & Joint for dogs supplement.

We trialled these on her for almost 6 months, and the transformation was incredible. Before these, she could barely walk, dragging her back legs along behind her… At the 6 month point, she was bouncing around again like a puppy with a new lease of life. We simply couldn’t believe the effect that these had had on her. Without them, we don’t know if she would even be here today!

That’s when we decided to start working with other USA manufacturers, to create more supplements to help other furbabies and their furparents. If our supplements can help even a few others like it did for our Brandy, then our mission has been worth it, and all of the hard work worthwhile!

Furever Friendz Pet Supplies: MADE IN UK


Our supplements are all proudly Made in the UK, with UK ingredients. So you don’t have to  worry about cheap, nasty, unknown ingredients being used in our supplements. We only use the highest quality, natural ingredients. Our supplements are also all GMP Approved.


We are so confident that your furbaby will get great results from taking our supplements, that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. If they have not made any improvements within 6 weeks of starting our supplements, then we will give you your money back – No questions asked!

Furever Friendz Pet Supplies: MADE BY PET LOVERS


As a small, family run business, we know how important your pets are to you. As our motto says: Because they aren’t just pets, they are family… We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t give to our own furbabies, and that’s why we do! So rest assured, when we welcome you to the Furever Friendz Family, your furbabies are in the safest hands.

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