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Frequently Asked Questions

As furbaby owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have all of your questions answered before choosing the right supplements for your furry friend! Below is a list of our most commonly answered questions....


How long do your supplements take to work?

This varies from pet to pet as their bodies all react differently. However, we say to allow 4-6 weeks to start to see some noticeable changes. But some pets may be sooner than this, some may take a little longer if they are more severe. Just allow some time...  


Do your supplements work for all pets?

As with above, each pet reacts differently. Our supplements are made from the best, quality ingredients. They are made to the highest standards to achieve optimum results. However, some pets health issues may be too severe to help. This is why we say to always speak with your vet before trying anything new. But as you will see from our reviews, many furbabies have had amazing results with our supplements and changed their lives! 


Do you just make supplements for dogs and cats?

Currently yes. But we are always looking to expand our range. So keep your eyes peeled! 


Do you sell any other brands?

No we do not. We currently just sell our own brand Furever Friendz


How do I know how much to give to my pet?

All of our products have a feeding guide on them based on your pets individual weight. This way they are getting the correct dosage. On our product listings pages, we also have a 'Feeding Guide' section so you can see this before purchasing. Here it will also tell you how long that specific product will last for based on your pets weight. 


Is there a minimum or maximum age my pet can be to have your supplements?

No - Not at all. All ages can benefit! Younger ones as a preventative... Older ones as a helping hand for any health problems that arise with old age. 


Should I consult my vet before giving my pet your supplements?

Yes - We always recommend you speak with your vet before taking any new supplements. 


What are your delivery costs & times?

Standard shipping within the UK is FREE on all orders. We have no minimum purchase price for free delivery. Please see rates here for other shipping options: Shipping Rates 


Do you do International Shipping?

Yes we do, but only within Europe currently. Please contact us if you are outside of Europe as we may be able to help. 


How much does International Shipping cost? 

Please see shipping fees here: Shipping Rates


What if I am not happy with the results?

We would ask that you allow 4-6 weeks to see some results. If after this time, you still aren't happy, then please get in touch with us by emailing and we will be happy to help. 


Do you provide refunds?

Yes we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. Whether that be it being damaged upon arrival, your furbaby not liking the supplements, or not getting the results you hoped for. Please see our refund policy here: Returns & Refunds


What if my order is damaged or missing upon delivery? 

On the very rare occassion that this may happen, please get in contact with us so we can resolve the issue - Please give us much detail as possible such as order number etc. 


I have a discount code. Where do I add this? 

Once you reach the Checkout page, there will be a box titled 'Discount Code.' You just need to pop your code in there. Only 1 code can be used at a time.

This discount box placement can vary from device to device. On desktops it should be on the right hand side of the page.

On devices such as smart phones or tablets, it may be a little harder to find. There should be a little cart icon at the top of the page (underneath our company logo), with the text 'Show order summary' next to it. Click on this, and a drop down should appear and the 'Discount Box' should appear for the code.


I can't seem to apply my discount code. Why is this?

This could be for a number of reasons. Most commonly that you may have already used the code, the code may have expired or a discount has already been applied such as the 'Subscribe & Save' re-occurring subscription discount. You cannot apply a discount if you have selected this option, as there is already a 5% discount. 


Do you offer a discount for repeat customers?

We have a 'Subscribe & Save' programme. This provides you with a 5% discount each and every time you purchase. When adding the product to the cart, you just select the 2nd option down, which will be titled 'Subscribe & Save.' You will then be prompted to select how often you would like your subscription delivered. You can work this out by looking at the 'Feeding Guide' tab on the product page. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 


I can't seem to find my measuring scoop inside of my powder supplement. Where is this? 

During to transportation, sometimes the little blue scoop can get mixed up inside of the powder. You just have to give it a little mix around/gentle side to side shake to bring it to the surface. If you still cannot find your scoop, please let us know by emailing us at We will be happy to send you another one. In the meantime, this is equivalent to approximately half a level teaspoon. 

We are currently looking into finding another way to store the scoop to prevent this from happening. 


If you have anymore questions at all that are not listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by either emailing us at


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